Latest thinking
Latest thinking in production
Know-how is essential to staying ahead in one of the world's toughest business. Something we have nourished for numerous decades. Our commitment to the future can be clearly seen not only in the continued flourishing of our technology and plant but equally through new concepts of employee training and capability.

Production is undertaken at very high temperatures in modern electric furnaces. It also requires a good supply of electric power, chrome ores, quartz and reducing agents in the form of coke or coal.

We have been working closely with our raw materials suppliers for many years. Our chrome ores come primarily from Albania, Brazil, Madagascar and Turkey. At our quarry in nearby Dalsland County, we mine quartz for ferrosilicon and ferrochrome production. Reduction agents are purchased mainly from European countries.

Our supply of vital electric power is secured by long-term contract with a Swedish power supplier. All these factors form the basis upon which customers can have full confidence in us for reliability in delivery, quality and competitiveness.
Vargön Alloys AB has four furnace units producing, at present, charge-chrome and high-carbon ferrochrome.
Unit: Commissioned/Rebuild: Installed power: Energy recovery system installed: Production capacity:
Fce 8 1966/2008 48 MVA 1968 60-65.000 t.p.a
Fce 9 1957 24 MVA 1957 25-30.000 t.p.a
Fce 10 1952/1995 24 MVA 1995 25-30.000 t.p.a
Fce 12 1972 105 MVA 1972 110-130.000 t.p.a
Briquetting plant 1988     110.000 t.p.a