The company was founded in 1874 as Wargöns AB. Its first alloy furnace was installed in 1912.

In the early 70s the company commissioned the world's largest smelting furnace for ferroalloys.
Having focused upon the production of Manganese and Silicon ferroalloys up until 1977, Vargön Alloys has since grown to become a major producer of specialized grades of high carbon ferro chrome. In 2008 the company was accuired by the Turkish Yildirim Group of Companies.

The company's customers are primarily Europe's leading producers of special steels.
Chairman: Robert Y. Yildirim
Managing Director: Johan Svensson
Technical Director: Bo Flink
Commercial Director: Lars Falkeling
Financial Director: Stefan Nordmark
Quality/Environment Manager: Annelie Papadopoulos
Human Resources Manager: Anneli Bengtsson
Production Manager: Mikael Jansson
Maintenance Manager: Urban Frisk
1874 The company was founded
1912 First ferro alloy furnace installed
1952 Furnace 10 commissioned (closed 1976)
1957 Furnace 9 commissioned
The first energy recovery system in operation
1966 Furnace 8 commissioned
1968 Air Reduction Co.(Airco-USA) bought the shares in Wargöns AB
1969 New company name-Airco Alloys AB
Paper-pulp plant sold to Holmens Bruk AB
FeCr-plant in Trollhättan sold to AB Ferrolegeringar
1972 The worlds largest smelting furnace for ferro alloys inaugurated (Fce 12)
1978 Airco-group sold to British Oxygen Corp. (BOC)
1979 Shares sold to Fides AG Switzerland
Change of name to Vargön Alloys AB
1983 Supply of hot water to Vänersborg community
1987 MBO of shares from Fides AG together with Wage Eearner Fund
1993 Wage Earner Fund sold it's shares to the four managers
1995 Furnace 10 re-built for production of ferrochrome
2008 Yildirim Group of Companies (ETI Invest AB) acquired 100% of the shares
Furnace 8 re-built for production of ferrochrome